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Are you looking for a rosary to strengthen your belief ? Browse our collection. We have a wide choice of models in our online store dedicated to religious and Christian jewelry .

Traditional Christian rosary

If you are looking for a traditional rosary , we have a wide choice to satisfy you. This rosary can be made of plastic or wooden beads. It is broken down into 5 groups of ten, which we call “Ave”. These latter are interspersed with larger pearls . Making a rosary promotes closer communion with Christian spirituality .

Christian rosary of Saint Michael the Archangel

This rosary is very special. It consists of 9 groups of 3 beads separated by a large grain and with 4 grains at the end. This is the rosary of angels . To pray this prayer, you will have to recite the prayer for Saint Michael the Archangel. Make this rosary to benefit from the protection of archangels and angels.

Novena rosary to Mary who undoes the knots

Choose this Mary rosary if you currently find yourself in a difficult situation . You can also offer it to a loved one who needs the intercession and protection of the Virgin to improve their daily life . Of course, you must pray the rosary for 9 consecutive days . Every day will have its meditation. Practice it sincerely and the answers you expect will arrive.

Rosary cross of the Precious Blood

With this prayer we honor the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the Cross to save humanity. It symbolizes the love of God who sacrificed his son for the salvation of men . Use it if you have moments of sadness . This prayer can greatly help people going through difficult times.

Christian rosary of the 5 wounds of Jesus

This prayer is practiced with a traditional Christian rosary or a precious blood rosary. Its recitation is done in honor of the 5 wounds of Jesus during his ordeal, including 2 on his hands, 2 others on his feet, and one on his right side. This rosary was revealed to Sister Marie-Marthe Chambon.

Divine Mercy Cross Rosary

Sister Faustina received this rosary from Jesus on September 13, 1935 in Vilnius. Many Catholics pray it every Friday at 3 p.m., the time of JC's death, using a traditional rosary made up of five decades. It is also recited during a novena to Divine Mercy .

Decade cross rosary

It is a very practical prayer tool for Catholics. This rosary chain necklace is made up of ten beads and a small cross . One hand is enough to manipulate it during personal meditation. It will take 5 tens to make a complete rosary, and 20 to make a rosary. The decade is available in several materials including metal, but most of the time, it is made of wood. There are also plastic models in different colors.

Traditional or ten rosary… you can offer any type of Christian rosary as a gift. You can opt for handcrafted models. These prayer tools reflect the attention and know-how of their creators. You can proudly gift them to your loved ones on all occasions.

*Do you have any doubts about the material of your jewelry? Check among the characteristics in the product sheet of your favorite jewelry if it is stainless steel, gold plated/Silver or 925 Steling Silver.

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