Cross Pendants

Cross pendant: unique and quality models to discover

A cross pendant is a Christian jewel and a timeless fashion accessory. It represents forgiveness, redemption and faith . Want to buy one as a gift? Come discover this collection! You will find magnificent cross motif pendants that come in all shapes.

Women's cross pendant

What kind of women's cross pendant do you need? You are spoiled for choice in this collection. Each piece offered reveals a unique charm. Do you want to buy a cross pendant in silver , gold or stainless steel? Each metal has varying characteristics. But you can count on their quality. The strength of the jewelry is guaranteed, regardless of the material chosen.

Men's cross pendant

Do you want to wear a cross pendant around your neck ? Whether you are a practicing Christian or not, you can use this jewelry to beautify your look. You have come to the right place if you are looking for top quality men's cross pendants . Each piece of jewelry you will find in this collection has been carefully selected. Elegance, solidity and longevity are among the selection criteria taken into account. When it comes to design, the choice is multiple.

Celtic cross pendant

The Celtic cross , also called the haloed cross, symbolizes Celtic Christianity. It features a magic circle symbolizing the sky and 4 branches. Are you looking for a Celtic cross pendant ? You will find real treasures while exploring this collection. These are chic and trendy fashion accessories that could enhance your style, especially on special occasions.

Saint Benedict cross pendant

In the Catholic religion, Saint Benedict is a very important character. This monk born in Nursia, Italy, around the year 480, is the great protector against demonic forces . He can also work miracles. Wearing a Saint Benedict cross pendant means benefiting from the protection of Saint Benedict. But it also adds remarkable elegance to your outfit.

Silver plated cross pendant

When it comes to choosing a cross pendant , the finish is an important criterion. It influences the charm of your jewelry. Do you have a preference for discreet and timeless style jewelry ? Choose a silver-plated cross pendant. Exceptionally beautiful silver pendants are at your disposal.

Gold plated cross pendant

If you like gold jewelry , but you have a low budget, a gold-plated model is an excellent alternative. What is its particularity? A gold-plated cross pendant is made with a common metal like copper or brass. Then, the manufacturer deposited gold on the surface with a decoration technique widely used in the field of goldsmithing.

Latin cross pendant

What is a Latin cross? Called the Christic cross or immissa cross , it truly symbolizes the crucifixion of Christ. It is recognizable by its longer lower branch. It therefore constitutes a true symbol of Christianity or the Christian faith.

Having been manufactured with care, the cross pendants represent exceptional, very aesthetic works. They will serve as perfect presents for unique occasions such as a baptism, a communion and other religious events.

*Do you have any doubts about the material of your jewelry? Check among the characteristics in the product sheet of your favorite jewelry if it is stainless steel, gold plated/Silver or 925 Steling Silver.

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